Fire and safety

DVTadvies is a leading consultancy firm for fire safety. Our vision is that a fire-safe building can only be achieved through coordination between architectural, building infrastructure and organisational measures.

DVTadvies provides advice in analysing the building and its use, determining likely (normative) fire risks and the most appropriate fire safety measures. These can be established in reports, such as Integral Fire Safety Advice, which can serve as an instruction manual for construction, the building and its users.

Integral Fire Safety Advice covers the following aspects:

  • Controlling and compartmentalising the fire
  • Safe evacuation
  • Constructive safety
  • Use of materials
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Accessibility of fire vehicles and fire extinguishing water facilities
  • Fire-safe use
  • Fire safety observations

This integral approach to fire safety provides insight into bottlenecks and clear guidelines for ensuring building safety using fire safety methods and measures. These methods and measures are primarily aimed at preventing injury and limiting damage to buildings and the environment.

We also offer services in the following areas:

  • Emergency response officers
  • Fire drills
  • Evacuation plan samples
  • Risk assessment samples
  • Workplace fire safety

The fire safety consultancy firm for your business. Choose a reliable partner who thinks along with you: DVTadvies. For more information, please fill out the contact form or call 030-223 86 90.

DVTadvies operates in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Almere, Arnhem, Amersfoort, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Zwolle and Nijmegen. But we would also be happy to serve you at other locations!


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